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  • About ANTIQUE Street Lamps™

    ANTIQUE Street Lamps™ offers one of the largest collections of outdoor decorative lighting products. The vast product line developed over the last couple decades includes luminaires, posts, crossarms, wall brackets, bollards, roadway and traffic signal posts, and signage. ANTIQUE Street Lamps collection of period architectural lighting solutions and its Eurotique® contemporary collection. ANTIQUE Street Lamps has done thousands of projects from small commercial strip centers to the largest street lighting projects. Typical applications include downtown areas, street lighting, park areas, parking lots, residential developments, train depots and stations, historical renovations, hotels and resorts, commercial strip centers and restaurants.

  • Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

    ANTIQUE Street Lamps™ manufactures street lighting posts and luminaires in a 125,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility in Matamoros, Mexico. This enables us to control the project from beginning to end. We have finely tuned the complete manufacturing process from honing the broad base of suppliers, through knowledge of tooling design, employing a highly trained work force, and state-of-the-art equipment to premier packaging and shipping techniques.

    The Aluminum is purchased from a certifiable source and is transported to our facility in a molten condition to provide the highest quality standards. Moving expeditiously from the receiving area, the aluminum is used in the foundry area while maintaining the proper temperature for castings. All tooling used in the casting process is precision checked to comply with the engineering drawings, design specifications and customer needs. A special furnace is utilized to hold molten aluminum in the proper condition for the newly installed Permanent Mold Equipment.

    From the Casting Floor the parts are run through a cleaning phase where all the sand is removed, and heavy flash, spew/riser material is removed to prepare for the machining/welding operations. After following prescribed operations, they are sent to follow Quality Control Procedures to properly prepare the surface for final finish with a Polyester Powder Cost as a Standard Finish or sent to outside sources for Special Specified Finish requirements. Luminaire components are sent to the luminaire assembly line where the optical assemblies are installed and tested. All parts are then sent to final packaging and shipping.

    • Pattern Making: Castlight has a large tooling department where great precision is used in keeping patterns in compliance with the engineering drawings to the finest detail.
    • Foundry: The Foundry follows state-of-the-art Sand and Permanent Mold Casting techniques in both the large part floor mold casting process and also the automatic mold making equipment where small parts are cast with a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail. The last phase of the floor foundry is sand removal and initial grinding operations.
    • Finishing and Welding: In the finishing phase, the castings are completely and cleanly dressed to authentic standards. This concludes with final grinding and polishing operations to remove casting lines and unwanted material. ANTIQUE Street Lamps’ welders add craftsman-style welding while applying the structural connections required. All welders are certified per Section 5 of ANSI/AWS D1.2-90. All our welds are dressed to obtain a smooth blended appearance without compromising structural integrity.
    • Chemical Pre-treatment: Aluminum, Cast Iron and Steel parts follow Quality specified pretreatment procedures to meet or exceed Powder Coat Manufacturers’ requirements. All phases pay particular attention to detail to provide the best finish possible.
    • Painting: Electrostatic Powder Coating follows procedures to meet or exceed finishing requirements/standards. Oven times and temperatures are closely monitored for proper curing to assure the customer that the finish will maintain a Factory Fresh appearance for years to come with minimal maintenance. ANTIQUE Street Lamps is the only Cast Iron posts manufacturer who supplies posts with a finish coat.
    • Packaging: ANTIQUE Street Lamps™ packaging is designed to assure the customer receives a superior product to be installed by the customers contractor. Poly sheeting, bubble packing and special fluted corrugated material is carefully applied by plant packaging specialists.

  • Customs & Reproductions

    ANTIQUE Street Lamps™ can take the customer's photos or drawings of old street lighting posts or other products and turn them into modern day replicas with up-to-date materials and lighting optics.

    • Engineering Team: Our Engineering team will study the photos or drawings, determine the scale and decide on the best modern day method for building the parts without sacrificing the look the customer desires.
    • Engineering Approval Drawings: Drawings showing the product with dimensions, descriptions of materials and optics will be supplied to the customer for their approval.
    • Manufacturing Drawings: Upon customer approval, detailed drawings will be made and sent to the manufacturing plant to be built.
    • Pattern Making: Precise patterns for all cast parts will be made following every detail shown on the drawings.
    • Manufacturing: After customer's approval of design, raw materials are purchased and fabricated in our facility or an approved supplier location. The optical/electrical components are assembled and tested before shipment. We can work with the customer in packaging and shipping methods for special projects.

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